Sunday, December 7, 2008

PLN 16

I dont Know if I can do this but...

In the YouTube video Dying Boy's Last Wish, what matters is survival and love. A young boy was diagnosed with Leukemia and the doctor told him that he only had two weeks to live. Unlike most kids who would have wished to meet a famous person or go to some exotic island, Brenden wanted to feed the homeless. He said, “ I was driving home form one of my clinics, and I say a big group of homeless people and I wanted to help them”. He inspired the whole town, everyone was pitching in, and it spread more! People across the country were donating food and over the coarse of two weeks he raised tens of thousands of dollars. All this kid wanted for the last days of his like was to make other people happier. That touched my heart. This matters to the world because if we had more people who cared the world’s poverty and problems would disappear. It also reminded me about my fried Joe who created a program called Moji, which makes T-shirts, and 100% of the profits go to a foundation, which helps drill well all over the world in places where one in six people die from unclean water. Another foundation is Tom’s shoes. I you buy a pair of shoes form this company, they will donate a second pair to a child in a 3rd world country with no shoes. This matters to me because if I give a want a little less for Christmas this year and I give a little more, I can make so many more people happy this Christmas. I asked my parents for a pair of Tom’s shoes and a bought a Moji T-shirt, but I can still do more.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

PLN 15

In Karl Fisch’s Learn Something. Pass It On, what matters to him is knowledge and communication to other people. He lets us know that the reason that he blogs is so that he can let the world know about anything that he knows or has just recently learned. He read an article about during thanksgiving people share knowledge and facts with their families. People pass down stories, experiences and adventures with other, this matters to the world because, if everyone knows each other’s experience then problems will decrease. This matters to me because if I know other peoples stories then I will enhance my knowledge about the world.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

PLN 14

In David Warlick’s Conferences and Krispy Kream what matters is enjoyment. David and is finally home for a week and it is very enjoyable. But soon he has to attend a number of conferences around the U.S. before he leaves he take his mother-in-law and her groom, Alvin to Krispy Kream. They watch the employee pick a dozen freshly made doughnuts into a box. And they enjoy they great tasty treats. This matters to the world because, we all need to sit back and relax once in a while. Everyone needs to sit down enjoy a doughnut and a coffee, and think of all the good things that life has to offer. Enjoy the good things that you have accomplished, forget the stresses of work, family, and money. This matters to me because whenever anything goes wrong I always forget the good and all I think about is the bad. I need to learn to love and remember the good things. What I think that David wants us to take out of this is to take pleasure in your achievements and you don’t have to stress over anything.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

PLN 13

In David Warlick’s Suggest this One to your Students — Space Diving what matters to him is fun and amazement. In 2018 it will be possible for common people to skydive in space. They are researching the technology now and that is when they are expecting the completion. It would be amazing to be able to jump out of a spacecraft and just float down to earth. They are designing a suit that would slowly draw you back to earth and land you safely somewhere. This matters to the world because when we are able to fly from space safely home. Then I couldn’t imagine the possibilities, we would play sports, and take vacations in outer space. This matters to me because I know that I will for sure want to go skydiving in space. David says so much about the advancement of the human race; our generation will create great and amazing things that people twenty years ago couldn’t dream of creating.

Monday, November 17, 2008

PLN 12

In David Warlick’s Big Ideas — Bring Education Back into Focus what matters to him is educational reform. He supports the idea of learning with technology. There is a new system called the Big Ideas 4 Education in which is an idea of a whole different kind of education. There is only for easy steps to help reform the educational system in America. He showed his support by adding an html code at the bottom of the post; this is for other bloggers to post on their blog to show their support as well. David believes that when the educational system is changed students will learn better. This will matter to the world because when you learn more, schools produce smarter people, which intern make the smarter people think of smart ideas, and then eventually we will have a much more productive world. If I learn more I think that I can be a much bigger contribution to the world, than if I hadn’t learned as much. David proves a vital point when he shows his support for the Big Ideas 4 Education that defiantly needs to be proven.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

PLN 11

In Will Richardson It’s the Parents’ Fault. Not., what matters is realization. In this entry Will is interviewing a principle of a school about his students MySpace pages. The principle thinks that it is the parent’s fault that the children don’t know how to use these sights properly. Will on the other hand thinks that it is the principles fault; he thinks that if they would teach the children at an early age why those things are wrong, then they will know in the future not to do it. I think that it matters to me because, I think my parents have taught me well enough to know what to do and what not to do with my page. But the world on the other hand, doesn’t quite grasp the concept of reality. In the real world, when you want to get hired, they owner will now look at your MySpace/Facebook page. If you have anything inappropriate or unnecessary on your page you will not be hire. As soon as the world realizes that they are being watch with everything they do, then they will stop doing the wrong thing. I don’t think that it is the parents or the principle fault. I think that the kids (the ones that are going to end up doing those bad things) are going to do whatever they want no matter what their respective elders tell them. I think that those kids have to learn from experience. Once they continuously are being rejected for jobs. They eventually will learn why and they will have no choice but to change.

PLN 10

In It’s a New Day by Will Richardson what matters is pride. The day that President Obama was elected, was a great day for America. Not only for the African-American population but for the entire country, David says “we elected a man, who, when and where I grew up, would not have been allowed to drink from the same water fountain as I”. That is a huge step for America, because when we have finally realized that there is no difference between races, religions, or looks. We listen to the person and hear what they have to say. No matter how different they are. It matters to me because I love change and I think that Obama is biringing great divercity to the country.David show how proud he is and that is how proud I am

Monday, November 10, 2008


In David Warlick's Levelhead what matters to him is gaming and having fun. The Levelhead is a game witch you have to push a 3-D man through a series of 3-D rooms. You have push the man through the door in the room. Only one of the doors leads him to the next room, all the others make you start over. This matters to the world because we have come so far with technology, form Tetris to Halo, form pong to virtual reality Wii, and form Nintendo Revolution to Xbox 360. We have become so much more creative and advanced with our ideas. It matters to me because it is just another game to have fun wasting my time with on the weekends. This game will help kids find something constructive to do on their free time. They will now be using their brain, to find solutions to problems without even knowing it. With the Levelhead you will no longer poison your mind with war games you will now constructively build your mind. I can tell David loves having fun with any time that he can get his hands on, that is why he wrote this article about the newest game.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


In David Warlick’s, Graphic Display of Web Lists… what matters to him is ease. Sense the invention of the internet, access to almost anything is extremely easy. You can find almost anything at any time. David shares the advice of using a new search engine called SearchMe. It works like Google but displays images of the web pages in a Mac file style, which is helpful when you are looking for based on what it looks like. When the world can see what someone else is doing across the world, it was unthinkable forty years ago. Now I can talk to my friend Will (who lives in California) like he was two miles away by the click of a button; by using the internet or cell phones. I love the accessibility of contacting my friends from so far away. David show us the vital importance of conversation with old friends, colleges, and distant family.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


In David Warlick’s RDU New, what matters to him is being aware of the changing society. When he was at the RDU airport he noticed that the terminal seats were equipped with outlet plugs, USB inputs, and WiFi. David remembered that things are changing at an alarming pace. Soon things will be completely different then they were twenty years ago. From gas to gas free, from stores to the internet and from war to peace. Everything will progress. But sometimes change can be bad, when machine guns were invented, millions more people died. When the world realizes change it always seems to be a little frightened. This year we could have our first African American president, and most Americans are scared (for different reasons). I have always embraced change; it has enhanced my intelligence, improved my talents, and developed my social skills. Even though there can be disadvantages to change most of it will result it improvement in society, that is what David wants us to understand, be aware of change and try to comprehend the improvements it might make.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


In Daniel Chandranayagam Malaysia's Jungle Spirits, what matters to her is reassurance. She wants to assure herself that there is no chance that there are ghosts in the jungle. In Malaysia (A Country in the southeast islands of India) there is said to be a cursed jungle. It is said to contain Bigfoot like creatures and ghosts that show up in places that horrible things have happened. The Bigfoot doesn’t like man, so whenever it senses man’s presence it flees. People always been superstitious of ghosts and nonexistent creatures, because they want to tell stories and draw attention to themselves. A great example is the Greeks, they believed in hundreds of different gods and they called on them for different problems. Just because it rained, they took it as a gift from the gods. People have remembered them for thousands of years, just because of what they thought they saw. I don’t believe in any kind of ghost or Bigfoot like creatures. My mom was totally convinced that she had a ghost in her house as a kid. Everyone in the house believed it, but when I visited the house I didn’t hear or see anything. Over the years people have said they have seen things that they really haven’t, when that happens they (in my mind) will go down as crazies and weirdoes.

Monday, October 27, 2008


In Will Richardson’s Adrenalin Forest, what matters to him is faith. Adrenalin is a strange thing. It gives you the feeling of fear and terror, and yet it also gives you the feeling of bravery. When you are about to dive off of a soaring airplane ten thousand feet above the ground, you are scared. But you also just what to get the feeling of “I just jumped out of an airplane, I bet you count do that!” That is what Will experienced in the forests of New Zealand, He along with his family decided to try an extreme zip line. It was designed so that you climb up, not fall down. There are over sixty obstacles that you have to overcome. When he was about five stories high, he started to lose confidence. He was scared and feeling like he was old. Faith and adrenalin kept him pulling himself upward. While his kids had already finished he was getting words of encouragement from above. After thirty more minutes of grueling effort and indescribable pain he managed to pull himself to the top. Somethines the world thinks that there is nothing to change. When there is a problem in society, sometimes people forget that they can do there part. A single person can make a difference, with faith an a little adrenalin. As soon as the world starts to realize that anyone can make a difference, the world will be happier and more peaceful. When you are faced with a task that you think you will never complete, faith and adrenalin keep you moving forward.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


In David Warlick, Apple Story, The Day After… what matters to him is awareness. When he is standing in line waiting for the new MacBook Pro, he could not find any. He started introducing himself to people in line. Apparently, the lady next to him had just bought a MacBook Pro and it had just come in (but they were not on the floor). He said to himself, "Sure doesn’t look like there’s a recession on the horizon here". If there is all this talk about people not making money, then why are we buying such expensive toys? Computers are necessary; yes, but not the most expensive ones. We should limit ourselves to only the amount that we need. When we start being money savvy, then we might see ourselves start to climb out of this recession. Even though I would like to spend money on useless toys, that doesn’t mean I should. David proves a very crucial point; a year ago most of us could spend our money on luxury. Now we need to save every penny.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Chris Quotes
Form 2¢Worth by David Warlick

In David Warlick’s, Chris’s Quotes, what matters to him is intervention. He thinks that in a 20th century learning environment, teachers still are trying to teach using old techniques. When “a good person is in a bad system” the teachers will never succeed. The teachers will try everything they can to teach the students, but it just won’t work. I love the way that computers are being used in the school. They give students more access to a vast amount of information. Some people still believe that learning should be passed from student to teacher, but why not for everybody to student? I think that Chris is proving a very potent point.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Did You Know?

In Karl Phishes Did You Know, I think that reform matters. He is telling everyone these facts about how the world has changed, like that in 2013 a computer will be smarter than the human brain. I think he is trying to tell people that we need to change the way we live. We can’t live in a life where machines are a dominate part in our everyday life. It’s ok to have the computer to help you and the TV for your entertainment, but we need to reconsider how much time we spend away from society.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Machines Are Using Us!

In Michael Wesh's, video Machines Are Using Us what matters to him was technology. I think that he didn’t want people to so consumed by technology that they forget how to do everyday activities. Like when he shows us how much we can do with a computor, and with a web adress. When technology first came around, everyone was amazed, but they could still do things without it, like; writing, talking, and finding information. Now a day’s everything is done on the computer, which I thing that Michael is saying, is not good for us. He appreciates progression but only to a certain point. He was people to realize why technology is bad.