Sunday, December 7, 2008

PLN 16

I dont Know if I can do this but...

In the YouTube video Dying Boy's Last Wish, what matters is survival and love. A young boy was diagnosed with Leukemia and the doctor told him that he only had two weeks to live. Unlike most kids who would have wished to meet a famous person or go to some exotic island, Brenden wanted to feed the homeless. He said, “ I was driving home form one of my clinics, and I say a big group of homeless people and I wanted to help them”. He inspired the whole town, everyone was pitching in, and it spread more! People across the country were donating food and over the coarse of two weeks he raised tens of thousands of dollars. All this kid wanted for the last days of his like was to make other people happier. That touched my heart. This matters to the world because if we had more people who cared the world’s poverty and problems would disappear. It also reminded me about my fried Joe who created a program called Moji, which makes T-shirts, and 100% of the profits go to a foundation, which helps drill well all over the world in places where one in six people die from unclean water. Another foundation is Tom’s shoes. I you buy a pair of shoes form this company, they will donate a second pair to a child in a 3rd world country with no shoes. This matters to me because if I give a want a little less for Christmas this year and I give a little more, I can make so many more people happy this Christmas. I asked my parents for a pair of Tom’s shoes and a bought a Moji T-shirt, but I can still do more.

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