Monday, January 5, 2009

Three Idem Introduction

My Bible is a full New International Version that I try to read nightly. It is significant to me because my grandmother gave it to me when I was about eight. This leads me act differently because, when I read what Jesus did, it helps me act in a better and more holy way.

Lacrosse Stick is a six-foot Titan Classic that is silver. The head that I use is a STX Proton Power with a soft mesh and loose stringing. It is significant to me because when I step out onto that lacrosse field I need something that I can rely on, and that is it. This leads me to act differently because when I have a reliable stick in order to reach my goal of making varsity.

My Father is a 5’ 10” man with black hair. He owns a chain of hockey retail store; Players Bench. They are located all over the country in cities including; Colorado, Utah, New York, Minnesota, and multiple in Canada. He was accepted to Colorado College, with a full ride scholarship for hockey. Then he moved on and played for the Minnesota North Stars (now the Minnesota Wild). He is significant to me because I look up to him so much and I always strive to be as successful as him. He always pushes me as hard as a can possible go, in everything; sports school and music. When I don’t meet his standards he doesn’t punish me his is just disappointed and wants more out of me.

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