Sunday, November 23, 2008

PLN 13

In David Warlick’s Suggest this One to your Students — Space Diving what matters to him is fun and amazement. In 2018 it will be possible for common people to skydive in space. They are researching the technology now and that is when they are expecting the completion. It would be amazing to be able to jump out of a spacecraft and just float down to earth. They are designing a suit that would slowly draw you back to earth and land you safely somewhere. This matters to the world because when we are able to fly from space safely home. Then I couldn’t imagine the possibilities, we would play sports, and take vacations in outer space. This matters to me because I know that I will for sure want to go skydiving in space. David says so much about the advancement of the human race; our generation will create great and amazing things that people twenty years ago couldn’t dream of creating.

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