Sunday, November 2, 2008


In David Warlick’s RDU New, what matters to him is being aware of the changing society. When he was at the RDU airport he noticed that the terminal seats were equipped with outlet plugs, USB inputs, and WiFi. David remembered that things are changing at an alarming pace. Soon things will be completely different then they were twenty years ago. From gas to gas free, from stores to the internet and from war to peace. Everything will progress. But sometimes change can be bad, when machine guns were invented, millions more people died. When the world realizes change it always seems to be a little frightened. This year we could have our first African American president, and most Americans are scared (for different reasons). I have always embraced change; it has enhanced my intelligence, improved my talents, and developed my social skills. Even though there can be disadvantages to change most of it will result it improvement in society, that is what David wants us to understand, be aware of change and try to comprehend the improvements it might make.

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