Wednesday, October 29, 2008


In Daniel Chandranayagam Malaysia's Jungle Spirits, what matters to her is reassurance. She wants to assure herself that there is no chance that there are ghosts in the jungle. In Malaysia (A Country in the southeast islands of India) there is said to be a cursed jungle. It is said to contain Bigfoot like creatures and ghosts that show up in places that horrible things have happened. The Bigfoot doesn’t like man, so whenever it senses man’s presence it flees. People always been superstitious of ghosts and nonexistent creatures, because they want to tell stories and draw attention to themselves. A great example is the Greeks, they believed in hundreds of different gods and they called on them for different problems. Just because it rained, they took it as a gift from the gods. People have remembered them for thousands of years, just because of what they thought they saw. I don’t believe in any kind of ghost or Bigfoot like creatures. My mom was totally convinced that she had a ghost in her house as a kid. Everyone in the house believed it, but when I visited the house I didn’t hear or see anything. Over the years people have said they have seen things that they really haven’t, when that happens they (in my mind) will go down as crazies and weirdoes.

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