Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Chris Quotes
Form 2¢Worth by David Warlick

In David Warlick’s, Chris’s Quotes, what matters to him is intervention. He thinks that in a 20th century learning environment, teachers still are trying to teach using old techniques. When “a good person is in a bad system” the teachers will never succeed. The teachers will try everything they can to teach the students, but it just won’t work. I love the way that computers are being used in the school. They give students more access to a vast amount of information. Some people still believe that learning should be passed from student to teacher, but why not for everybody to student? I think that Chris is proving a very potent point.

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annes said...

Boh- you need to hyperlink your text to the original. Also, expand the other ideas and relate to specfici examples or ideas you have or that are in the world.