Monday, November 10, 2008


In David Warlick's Levelhead what matters to him is gaming and having fun. The Levelhead is a game witch you have to push a 3-D man through a series of 3-D rooms. You have push the man through the door in the room. Only one of the doors leads him to the next room, all the others make you start over. This matters to the world because we have come so far with technology, form Tetris to Halo, form pong to virtual reality Wii, and form Nintendo Revolution to Xbox 360. We have become so much more creative and advanced with our ideas. It matters to me because it is just another game to have fun wasting my time with on the weekends. This game will help kids find something constructive to do on their free time. They will now be using their brain, to find solutions to problems without even knowing it. With the Levelhead you will no longer poison your mind with war games you will now constructively build your mind. I can tell David loves having fun with any time that he can get his hands on, that is why he wrote this article about the newest game.

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