Monday, November 17, 2008

PLN 12

In David Warlick’s Big Ideas — Bring Education Back into Focus what matters to him is educational reform. He supports the idea of learning with technology. There is a new system called the Big Ideas 4 Education in which is an idea of a whole different kind of education. There is only for easy steps to help reform the educational system in America. He showed his support by adding an html code at the bottom of the post; this is for other bloggers to post on their blog to show their support as well. David believes that when the educational system is changed students will learn better. This will matter to the world because when you learn more, schools produce smarter people, which intern make the smarter people think of smart ideas, and then eventually we will have a much more productive world. If I learn more I think that I can be a much bigger contribution to the world, than if I hadn’t learned as much. David proves a vital point when he shows his support for the Big Ideas 4 Education that defiantly needs to be proven.

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