Monday, September 29, 2008

Machines Are Using Us!

In Michael Wesh's, video Machines Are Using Us what matters to him was technology. I think that he didn’t want people to so consumed by technology that they forget how to do everyday activities. Like when he shows us how much we can do with a computor, and with a web adress. When technology first came around, everyone was amazed, but they could still do things without it, like; writing, talking, and finding information. Now a day’s everything is done on the computer, which I thing that Michael is saying, is not good for us. He appreciates progression but only to a certain point. He was people to realize why technology is bad.

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annes said...

Mitchell- you have good opinion in your response but not a lot of examples to support what you are saying. Where are the examples to support what you are saying? I think he isn't showing us the dangers but the possibilities. How can you show me you disagree with what I am saying? Also, take more time with punctuation and grammatical errors. I know you can do more than this. Show me!